Jorge Sprave Builds Sword Launching Slingshot In Attempt To Pierce Chain-Mail


This is a video of slingshot lover Jorge Sprave using his giant sword-launching slingshot in an attempt to pierce chain-mail. SPOILER: It does. So, if you ever see someone with a sword launching slingshot and think you’re safe in your shiny new chain-mail, you’re wrong and now might be a good time to reconsider trying to save that princess. Besides, even if you do manage to best Sir Slingshot there’s still the dragon to contend with. Just settle down and start a family with a bar wench like a normal person. Continue reading

Womp Womp: Weather Channel’s Live-Stream Of Georgia Dome Implosion Gets Interrupted By Bus, Cameraman Loses It

This is a video from The Weather Channel’s live-stream of the Georgia Dome implosion (it was replaced by the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium) featuring a city bus that blocks the most exciting part of the demolition. In the cameraman’s own words:

Come on bus, get out of the way!


Jesus get out of the way bus!

Are you…are you…are you…ARRRRRH!


Damn lady!

Thankfully, plenty of other people got clear footage of the implosion (another video of that below), but this is still my favorite. There’s just something about people losing their cool that brings great joy to my heart. “Who are you, the Grinch?” Please, my heart is seven and half sizes too small. Still, what I lack in heart I more than make up for in other things. “You’re talking about your penis.” You are! Continue reading

UK Water Companies Still Use Medieval-Age Divining Rods to Find Underground Water Sources

Ten of the twelve water companies operating in the UK have recently admitted to using the medieval practice of water dowsing to locate pipes or underground water sources, despite the lack of any scientific evidence proving its effectiveness. Numerous studies have, in fact, discredited dowsing as pseudoscience after multiple experiments failed to demonstrate its eficacy. The disclosure that the firms are still using the practice, and passing the cost on to their customers, has prompted calls for The Water Services Regulation Authority, or Ofwat, to intervene. Continue reading

Rag & Bone’s Marcus Wainwright on Creating a Wardrobe for a Modern Jedi

Military motifs, a keen attention to detail, and a dedicated fan following are all synonymous with the fashion label rag & bone and the Star Wars universe. Now the two have combined forces to rule the galaxy, or rather, release a line of contemporary apparel with subtle hints to the space saga.

Launching in waves beginning December 1 at rag & bone stores (with select pieces available at, the limited edition capsule collection will offer a selection of the fashion label’s timeless styles remixed with classic Star Wars elements. rag & bone has also teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney for the Ultimate Galactic Experience Sweepstakes, ending November 26, in which fans have the chance to win a tour of Lucasfilm in San Francisco and much more. Continue reading