Sounds About Right: Guy Harvests Christmas Tree With A Shotgun Blast


This is a video of Youtuber hickok45 harvesting a Christmas tree with a blast from his trusty shotgun. Although I have to admit, that’s a pretty spindly looking tree. Is it for a live-action recreation of A Charlie Brown Christmas? That thing looks like a feather duster. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s going to have recut the trunk anyways because i doubt one that’s been blasted apart with a shotgun is ideal for standing up straight and proper water absorption. But what the hell do I know? I’m just a guy who always cuts down his Christmas tree the old fashioned way. “With an axe?” Trained beavers. “I bet they do a dam fine job.” I was waiting for that, and you did not disappoint. Continue reading

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Watch Jaden Smith Pull Off An Impeccably Smooth Moonwalk

This weekend Jaden Smith took the stage at Rolling Loud’s Southern California music festival, where he proceeded to mesmerize the audience with an impressive moonwalk.

STREAM: Jaden Smith’s Eccentric Debut Album ‘Syre’

As you can see in the video above Smith’s moonwalk is so smooth that you will probably find yourself watching it at least three or four more times, as your brain tries to comprehend how the multi-talented creative pulled off such a well-executed moonwalk. What makes the moment that much better is also the fact that he did this while wearing chunky SS18 Louis Vuitton sneakers. Continue reading

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Nike Air Huarache Snakeskin Gum Coming Soon

The Nike Air Huarache continues to receive more renditions as we near the end of 2017, and this pair is an exotic one. Covered in the very popular triple black theme, the sneaker’s blacked-out upper is made of a mixture of neoprene and mesh, while it’s detailed with a snakeskin leather overlay. A matching midsole, metallic gold branding on the insoles and a semi-translucent Gum rubber outsole completes the design altogether. Continue reading

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