Whispers in the Night Will Introduce Fable’s Virtual Being Lucy to the World

While you may not have heard of Edward Saatchi before, if you own an Oculus headset then it’s more than likely you’ve come across his previous projects which include Henry and Dear Angelica, as a founder of Oculus Story Studio. When the studio closed Saatchi went on to open Fable Studio as a new avenue for his storytelling. Today, the company has announced a rebranding of sorts, simply called Fable, it is now a virtual beings company ready to reveal its first experience, Whispers in the Night.

Whispers in the Night

Whispers in the Night is merely a platform for Fable’s AI-powered character Lucy, with whom you can build a two-way relationship. Lucy first appeared in Wolves in the Walls, but this time you’ll actually get to have a conversation with her.

Fable sees the creation of virtual beings like Lucy as the next step on from normal virtual reality (VR) content, being able to converse with the audience through natural language processing. This isn’t just about a one to one conversation, Lucy will be able to track your movement, offer and receive objects, and probably most important of all remember who you are and what actions you’ve taken, changing her response accordingly.

As the synopsis explains: “Whispers in the Night transports you into a memory where you and 8-year old Lucy share an emotionally connected moment through a conversation. It is part of a collection of interwoven chapters. Audiences will discover and grow alongside Lucy as she shares her deepest thoughts and imaginations, completely unique to their personal exchange.”

“A fable entertains while teaching about morals and life lessons. They can be deeply philosophical and deliver lessons about love, friendships and being a good person. We are taking the same approach with our characters that a fable takes with it’s stories. We’re excited to set this precedent with Lucy in Whispers in the Night,” comments Jessica Shamash, Whispers in the Night, Creative Director.

Whispers in the Night

“We are living the “Experience” generation, which supplanted the “Things” generation. Whispers in the Night is our first experiment that will drive towards the “Unique” generation. We see a future where media is aware of who we are, and adapts to create something that is uniquely ours,” says Pete Billington, co-founder, Fable.

Today’s announcement isn’t solely about Whispers in the Night and Lucy. Fable has also revealed a new event taking place this summer, the Virtual Beings Conference, bringing together 200 entrepreneurs, investors, immersive storytellers and machine learning engineers. This will be where Whispers in the Night will make its first official debut.

For those at Sundance Film Festival this week, Fable will be hosting a VIP premiere of a new never seen before Lucy scene on Oculus Rift. As further information regarding Whispers in the Night is released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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Author: Peter Graham