Mobile Notifications in VR Could Soon be a Possibility With Dell Mobile Connect

Being immersed in virtual reality (VR) is all well and good but enthusiasts have likely come across the odd occasion where someone has sent them a message and completely missed it for ages as they have just one more go on their favourite  Beat Saber track. To solve this problem Dell is looking into combining both worlds, so players can still see their notifications whilst enjoying a spot of VR gaming, all through the Dell Mobile Connect app.

Dell Mobile Connect

The software has already been around for a year, previously making its debut during CES 2018. Free to use, the Dell Mobile Connect app was designed to enable PC users to stay connected by bringing all their mobile communications to the PC. Allowing them to make calls, send texts, get notifications, and even mirror their phone to interact with all their favourite apps.

As part of CES 2019 Dell has unveiled plans for future software capabilities, one of which is VR support. The purpose is to provide the same support normal PC users have just this time completely in VR, so they don’t need to take the headset off and disrupt the VR experience.

Whether it’s answering phone calls, receiving and responding to messages, or viewing 3rd party app notifications, the concept is to mirror the phone in VR for easy, trouble-free interactivity. You’d never need to worry about missing that call from your mum again. The user interface is implemented in such a way that gamers can choose which applications are allowed to send them notifications. They can also block all notifications.

Dell Mobile Connect

Currently, this is still an experiment which Dell is playing with so it’s not a fully finished product just yet. The company has yet to indicate how far through development the concept is or when the feature may be rolled out.

Dell will be demoing the idea during CES 2019, so VRFocus will bring you further updates on the application when we have them.

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Author: Peter Graham