Russian Parents Accidentally Discover Their Baby Is Alive Seven Years After Being Told It Had Died

A couple in Volvograd, Russia, were recently reunited with the child they had though had died seven years ago, right after birth. What’s even more astonishing is that the startling revelation was the result of a completely accidental administrative error.

In 2011, a young girl gave birth at a hospital in Volgograd, but was soon told that her child was not viable and that it would not survive a week. Advised to give up the child, the depressed mother agreed to sign a waiver leaving the newborn in the care of the state and went home. Five days later, guilt overwhelmed the two parents, so they returned to the hospital to retrieve their baby and look after it for as little as it had to live. They were told that they were too late, that the baby had died. After grieving their terrible loss, the parents went on with their lives, but last year, they were shocked to discover that the child had been alive all this time. Continue reading

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Let It Roll prepare us for their biggest event to date

It’s that time again. Festivals are announcing line-ups left right and centre, summer plans are hatching and it feels like the year is kicking in for real.

Let It Roll is no exception. Kicking off between August 2-4 at their well established home of Milovice, 2018 is a significant year for the Czech mega-fest. Marking a decade since they held their first open air party in 2008, this one is extra special. Even crazier other-planet production standards, even more DJs, even more vibes.

The dust from their epic Let It Roll Winter event not even beginning to settle, earlier this week they released their second line-up phase. All bases covered, all styles celebrated, it’s looking like another turbo whirlwind at 170bpm. Fixate to Forbidden Society, dBridge to Dimension, Pendulum to Pola & Bryson, A.M.C to TC to Andy C…. This is already shaping up to be an immensely heavy one. And there are still 200 more acts to announce! Continue reading

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Lucy Sparrow the Felt Artist taking the Art World by Storm

We are sitting in the felt cave! On the inside a comfy cavern full of felt shaped goodies whilst on the outside it’s an unprepossessing farmers outhouse. “I’ve had to expand three times already” says Lucy Sparrow as she walks me through the place where all the felt magic happens.

It’s been a while since we last caught up. That was in 2015 in the heart of Soho, when Lucy’s project at the time, an immersive erotic emporium, complete with peep show cinema was getting the headlines. Prior to that we’d covered her attempt to replicate an entire local cornershop out of nothing but felt and wool! It was to be her breakout moment, the art installation that would put Lucy Sparrow on the map and which would ultimately lead to where we are now. Continue reading

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Land Rover designs ultra-tough Explore smartphone for outdoor enthusiasts

Land Rover has launched a rugged smartphone designed for outdoor use that is able to survive underwater and withstand extreme temperatures.

Inspired by the Land Rover Discovery, an off-road 4×4 SUV vehicle, the ultra-tough Explore phone was developed by the car brand in collaboration with Reading-based phone maker Bullitt Group.

The brand suggests the phone is designed for “those with an adventurous spirit”, who would need a device that they can rely on while enjoying hiking, biking or off-road adventures. Continue reading

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