MTA Is Changing How New Yorkers Ride Public Transportation

MTA Is Changing How New Yorkers Ride Public Transportation

Source: Twitter

The end of the Metrocard is approaching.

In New York City, the MTA is the mode of transportation for millions who live here. Taking the public bus or subway enables them to get to work, to family and around the expansive town known as the Big Apple. Over the past few years, these means of travel have been undergoing repair or whole end reconstruction after decades of neglect. With certain trains being put on hold during the weekend (such as the G or the L) and others out of commission, the MTA is looking to revamp how New Yorkers get on these methods of movement. Continue reading

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Jill Scott Recounts Moment When Harvey Weinstein Insulted Her For Being Pregnant

Jill Scott & Queen Latifah To Star In Film About Flint Water Crisis

Photo by Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

Singer and actress Jill Scott took to Twitter to share her own “rude” encounter with the Hollywood sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein.

Lecherous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein might be reveling in his first week of sexual addiction class, but that doesn’t absolve him from his greasy behavior. More and more women are coming out with their recollections and allegations against Harvey Weinstein, as most recently Jill Scott shared her account with the embattled Hollywood movie mogul.

READ: Jill Scott, Sister Sledge & Patti LaBelle Honored With Philly Walk Of Fame Continue reading

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The Importance Of Music In Our Lives

This quote expresses man’s relationship to music in every culture and throughout every historical era. Regardless of an individual’s sex, age, political beliefs or religion, he can relate to music to help him express his mood and feel his way through his emotions.That’s why you’ll find music in …

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5 Insane Creature Effects From the Legendary Career of Rick Baker

Note: We’re full steam ahead on Collider’s Halloween month! This week is all about movie monsters. In the spirit of the monster mash took a look at the best monsters in movie history, the best vampire movies, best zombie movies, best werewolf movies, and a few evil doll movies that are actually scary. Today, we’re wrapping up monster week with a look at one of the effects artists who set the standard for bringing believable monsters to life on screen. When it comes to practical monster effects, Rick Baker is still the guy who set the standard. …
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