A Mechanical Pencil That Turns The Lead Ever Time The Pencil Is Lifted To Ensure Even Wear

This is a video highlighting Uni’s Kuru Toga mechanical pencils (~$12), which have a three gear and spring-loaded clutch system inside that turn the lead incrementally every time the pencil is pressed down and lifted to ensure uniform wear and prevent blunt tips/fatter lines as well as lead breakage. That was a problem I didn’t realize I had, but I’m not exactly a draftsman or even a person who ever uses a mechanical pencil. The last time I used a pencil it was one of those really fat colorful ones. What are those called? “Crayons?” Come on, I’m not five. It was in the driveway…. “Sidewalk chalk.” Yes! I drew my house and family. Continue reading

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Exclusive: No, ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Is Not Undergoing Three Months of Reshoots

Contrary to reports, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is not going back in for an extensive round of reshoots, we at Collider can confirm. Earlier this year, the X-Men sequel was pulled off of its November 2018 release date and pushed to February 2019. After test screenings, it was determined the film needed some additional photography (as is routine when it comes to studio blockbusters), but owing to the busy schedules of the A-list cast, the production couldn’t assemble everyone in time to meet the November release date, so the date was pushed. Now that the additional photography …

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