Delicate Bodies Overcome with Blooms by Phoebe Hunter

When Phoebe Hunter was about 10 years old, she accompanied her brother as he got tattooed. There, she saw “how cool tattoos were” and was interested in the practice. It wouldn’t be until many years later—and studies in veterinary and psychology—that she became an apprentice at Seventh Day Studio in Auckland. Delicate lines and surreal…

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Author: Sara Barnes

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Artful Swirls of Plastic Marine Debris Documented in Images by Photographer Mandy Barker

SOUP – Refused © Mandy Barker. Ingredients; plastic oceanic debris affected by chewing and attempted ingestion by animals. Includes a toothpaste tube. Additives; teeth from goats.

Photographer Mandy Barker creates deceptively eye-catching images to document the pandemic of plastic debris in the world’s waterways. Barker, who is based in Leeds, UK, works closely with scientists to collect trash from our oceans and beaches on the edges of nearly every continent. One research expedition covered the debris field (stretching to Hawaii) that resulted from Japan’s 2011 tsunami and earthquake; she has also explored the Inner Hebrides in Scotland with Greenpeace. Continue reading

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Westworld Promo Uses ‘Ultra-Realistic’ Animatronic Robot In Bar To Frighten Patrons


This is a video created to promote the second season of Westworld streaming on NOW TV featuring an “ultra-realistic” humanoid robot named Fred (manufactured by robotics company Engineered Arts and modeled after London actor Tedroy Newell) scares bargoers with his talk of a humanoid robot invasion, before eventually ‘malfunctioning’ and smashing his pint of beer. Those people really seemed freaked out about it. I…don’t know if I would have even noticed. “You’ve already had seven shots, I doubt you’d notice anything.” You keep my lunch out of this. Continue reading

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Official Look At The Air Jordan 1 Best Hand In The Game Collection

Honoring Michael Jordan’s biggest career achievements, the Air Jordan 1 Best Hand in the Game Collection introduces four new takes on the legendary silhouette. The shoes combine soft suede, leather and traditional Air Jordan I Black Toe blocking. Each colorway represents the following unique milestones in MJ’s career.

All-Star Appearances

For 14 years straight, MJ did more than just show up to the mid-season spectacular. He put on a show of his own — and earned three MVPs in the process. The Blue Moon colorway features a straight flush on the right insole. Continue reading

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The Fila Mindblower Is Back And Better Than Ever + Collabs On The Way

Fila has decided to bring back one of their classics, the Fila Mindblower. The Fila Mindblower made its debut back in 1995 and immediately became a fan favorite largely in part due to its oversized, warped logo.

Not only are they brining the model back, the also unveiled their large collaborative project for the model which is sure to help revive the nostalgia of the classic Mindblower while simultaneously pointing towards the future of the sneaker.

The Fila Mindblower will have a total of 47 different collaborations designed by friends of Fila such as Burn Rubber Detroit, Shelflife, Avenue and Kasina. Each collaborative effort will express a distinct aesthetic that pays homage to the influential sneaker while also welcoming the Mindbreaker 2.0. Continue reading

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