No one is making bass music like BeauDamian

Those tunes that start at one point, spin you round, take you to places you didn’t expect, then take you even further before dropping you back off at the starting point with a knowing, cheeky nod? BeauDamian makes those.

A dizzying WTF factor coded deep into their DNA, BeauDamian’s tunes comprise three, four or even five track ideas, compress them into tightly wrapped fireworks which combust with drama and the dark art of surprise. Tunes like this…

IWALYF is the lead track from Utrecht-based Beau’s new EP Endorfine. His first self-released EP, it’s backed up with two more equally sprightly, vital pixelated head-turners and comes complete with his own game, too. An RPG as cute as his anime-addled elements, complete with musical puzzles, the game/EP combo marks the start of new ambitious level for the 24-year-old who hopes to release a game with his next EP, too. Continue reading

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The Producer is the latest addition to their utility shirt lineup.
Shoulder epaulettes and classic utility pockets with functional pen slot
will help you look smart whatever the day throws at you. This shirt is
cut in a comfortable end-on-end cotton in two easy to outfit colors:
enduring blue and asphalt black

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