Five key projects by artist Phillip K Smith III

Phillip K Smith III is the architect-turned-artist behind this year’s COS installation at Milan design week. Here, he sums up five of his most career-defining projects – from a house in the desert to a display at Coachella.

Smith, who grew up in Palm Springs, cites the desert and barren landscapes as being major influences on his work.

He studied architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, before moving on to practice as an artist. Speaking to Dezeen ahead of Milan design week, he said how his experience in both areas comes through in his work. Continue reading

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Mutable Instruments introduces Stages segment generator module

Another must-have module from Mutable Instruments.

Mutable Instruments has announced its third new Eurorack module in two months. Stages is a segment generator that the company says is capable of “any kind of modulation”, covering ADSR envelope, complex six-stage envelope, LFO, four-step sequence and switched LFO types.

According to Mutable Instruments, Stages allows you to describe your own modulations in terms of basic operations, making it capable of everything from self-generating chiptunes to weird LFO shapes and random gate delay. Continue reading

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Cecilie Manz hacks IKEA kitchen using steel and warm-toned wood

Cecilie Manz positioned pine slabs at 45-degree angles to match the cut-out door handles of this IKEA kitchen, customised for Danish brand Reform.

Manz is the latest in a line of renowned designers to create a kitchen for Copenhagen-based Reform, which specialises in the customisation of IKEA’s Metod kitchen cupboards.

Called Degree, Manz‘s kitchen aims to provide simple functionality while creating a hospitable atmosphere.

In order to achieve a balance between the two, she chose to pair a hardwearing steel countertop with warm-toned wood and grey painted doors. Continue reading

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