Colorful animal murals created from tossed-away plastics by Bordalo II

Creating bisected animals from multi-colored discarded plastics, Bordalo II‘s latest murals explore the impact of tossed waste on the environment.

Some of the murals are created from a combination of discarded wood and chunks of metal. The Portuguese artist, in one of the pieces, located in Moncton, Canada, created a large turtle with legs extending to the ground, giving the illusion of the turtle crawling along the side of the wall. Continue reading

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Bajan Quartet Cover Drive Gets Illy On “Love Isn’t Easy” Cut [Premiere]

Bajan Quartet Cover Drive Gets Illy On “Love Isn’t Easy” Cut

Source: Cover Drive

Following the release of Cover Drive’s two past singles, “Grapefruit Perrier” and “Breakdown,” this platinum-selling group returns with the visuals for “Love Isn’t Easy”.

Love as an emotion has never been an easy road to traverse. The levels of ups and downs that go along with this feeling are troublesome at times and rewarding at others. For the platinum-selling group, Cover Drive, both seem to have a place at this group’s table. A powerfully emotional rollercoaster, “Love Isn’t Easy” showcases Cover Drive in an incredibly vulnerable way. Continue reading

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Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Edition

This week, we come to the last and arguably the most famous of Omega’s 60th Anniversary Trilogy, the Speedmaster. This newest piece, like the Railmaster and Seamaster anniversary models released alongside it, is a vintage re-issue of the very first Speedmaster that came to market in 1957, a full 12 years prior to the “Moonwatch” touching lunar ground in 1969. This watch was the CK 2915-1 (vintage picture, below), what came to be known as the “Broad Arrow,” and it set out to be the racing chronograph of choice for men who drove fast. Since this first release, the Speedmaster has inspired a massive following both in and out of the watch world, and today stands as one of the most iconic watches on the market today. Continue reading

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