Custom Keyboard Spotlight: NovelKeys x Kailh Big Switches

Most of today’s keyboard switches have standardized on a Cherry MX-style housing, even those that have different internal designs. That’s just easier when it comes to designing keyboards. However, the NovelKeys x Kailh Big Switches are not intended to be used in a keyboard. These are custom keyboard switches that have been scaled up by four times. Not only do they look awesome on your desk, they’re a great way to learn about how switches work inside.

The Big Switches.

When I say these are scaled up switches, that’s exactly what I mean—the Big Switches are not models of Kailh’s regular small switches. These are completely functional switches that are just really, really big. If you hand-wired them up to a controller, you could use them like a regular switch. In fact, Razer used the NovelKeys x Kailh Big Switches at CES to build a giant novelty gaming keyboard. Continue reading

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iNTeLL ft. S.I.T.H. – Hunger Pains (Music Video)

iNTeLL the eldest son of U-God, from the Wu-Tang Clan, is starting the year off properly with some dope visual commentary, to accompany one of the more socially conscious tracks, HUNGER PAINS from his album, THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW, via Goon MuSick

iNTeLL teams up with a fellow Staten Island artist by the name of S.I.T.H. and together, the duo, with immaculate lyricism and cadence, deliver lessons about what it means to struggle while perusing your dreams, in ‘Hunger Pains’

Another production shot by ThatGuyInTheHoodie (Method Man’s son) and Directed & edited by iNTeLL himself, this video will not disappoint.

Check out iNTeLL’s new music video for Hunger Pains below…

iNTeLL – That Was Then This Is Now via bandcamp

Also, check out Urban Vaults Interviews – iNTeLL Continue reading

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