Brock Otterbacher
Creative Director, Toys & Collectibles

Ask any random person, and if they’ve heard of The Rocketeer, more likely than not they’ll refer to the 1991 Disney film. For us around here, however, as much as we enjoy the film, we love the late (yet still amazing to this day) Dave Stevens’ original comic that the movie was based on even more. The high-flying adventures of Cliff Secord aka The Rocketeer, fighting gangsters and enemy agents, all while trying to balance his relationship with his gal, Betty, are the stuff of pure pulp joy. Continue reading

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Abe Haruya’s exquisitely detailed ceramic bowls are made and detailed by hand

Ceramic artist Abe Haruya uses a variety of tools to exquisitely detail each of his one-of-a-kind pieces.

Almost all of the ceramic creations were fashioned by hand followed by several metallic tools used to add finishing touches. The scale-like patterns on the surface of each bowl adds a nearly mass-produced quality bolstered by modern aesthetic. The patterns begin as hand-sketches before Haruya rakes them across the bowls’ surfaces.

Check out a few of his works below and watch process videos here! And be sure to follow him on Instagram for more! Continue reading

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Charming Café Looks Like It’s Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Film

Wes Anderson Style Cafe Congreso

Wes Anderson’s fanciful film sets are one of many reasons people love his movies so much. His charming visual worlds feature peculiar architecture and kitsch interiors, cast in captivating color palettes. We’ve covered the popularity of this signature aesthetic before, from themed Airbnb rentals, to a subreddit (turned Instagram) where people share Anderson-esque locations from across the globe. The most recent Andersonian discovery to catch our attention is the pastel-clad Café Congreso—a café in the Philippines run by owner Joseph Malabanan. Continue reading

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Quincy Jones To Launch Jazz Video-on-Demand Platform Qwest TV

Quincy Jones with Grammys

Source: Grammys

Beginning Dec. 15, Quincy Jones will offer a jazz concerts, documentaries, interviews and premium original content from Qwest TV for your enjoyment.

Quincy Jones is a maven of creativity. From developing magazines to television show to now full-fledge networks, Quincy continues to push the line while keeping his love of music at the forefront. His newest endeavor is Qwest TV, a new subscription video-on-demand platform dedicated entirely to jazz. Beginning Dec. 15, Qwest TV will offer a curated lineup of original content, jazz concerts, interviews, documentaries and archival footage never-before-seen that will education and entertain the masses. Continue reading

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