Here’s Our First-Take Sneak Peek At Lalah Hathaway’s ‘Honestly’ Album

Here’s Our First-Take Sneak Peek At Lalah Hathaway’s ‘Honestly’ Album

Source: PUSH Radio

The soulful singer-songwriter, Lalah Hathaway, graced @Okayplayer with her presence and shared some choice cuts from her upcoming project, Honestly.

It’s no secret that Lalah Hathaway is a national treasure. Her gifted vocals, focused songwriting ability and inviting charisma has made her a crown jewel in the cap of audiophiles all over the world. And whether she is working as a solo artist or helping to build the sound of another artist, Lalah Hathaway is a legend, appreciated for everything she has done to further the culture.

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This past August, Lalah and her team visited us @Okayplayer to hang out, catch up and play some selected cuts from her upcoming album, Honestly, which is slated for Nov. 3 release. The TK-song effort is a departure from the ballad-induced songs that marked her previous entries in her discography. This is, in part, due to her collaborative working relationship with Tiffany Gouché. The Inglewood, California singer-songwriter partnered up with Lalah to co-write and produce this album to give Lalah Hathaway a feel-good sound ripe with energetic and innovative vocals. Continue reading

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