Listen To Harry Belafonte Discuss Trump, The Future Of America, And More During Last Public Appearance

Legendary entertainer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte did not mince his words during a recent public speaking event.

WATCH: Harry Belafonte On Kaepernick Blacklist: ‘To Mute The Slave Is Always Been To The Best Interests Of The Slave Owner’

The two-hour talk, which took place at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh on Friday, was referred to Belafonte as his “last public appearance,” with the 90-year-old discussing everything from his upbringing and the success of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” to his generation’s contributions to American democracy and the future of the country. Continue reading

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Does This Cop Really Know Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

Source: Derrick Parker

Former NYPD detective Derrick Parker, better known as the Hip-Hop Cop, believes the Jam Master Jay case could be closed soon.

Two years ago, we sat down with former NYPD detective Derrick Parker to discuss his time as the man known around the industry as “the Hip-Hop Cop”. During our chat, he offered insight into the murders of three hip-hop legends: Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay. Now, fast forward to an interview the cop did with DJ Vlad, and there seems to be movement on the latter case involving the late Run-DMC DJ.

READ: Why Are Tupac, Biggie & Jam Master Jay’s Murders Still Unsolved? Continue reading

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Replikator is a Blade Runner-inspired plugin for imitating Vangelis in your own studio

The sample-based instrument costs just $29.

Few movie soundtracks have inspired musicians as profoundly as Vangelis’s score for Blade Runner has, as detailed on FACT’s recent documentary, Do Androids Dream of Electronic Beats? Kuedo, Gary Numan and Tricky are just a few of the artists that have used the score as a jumping off point, among many others.

The proper way to replicate the Blade Runner soundtrack is with a Yamaha CS-80 (or software version), but LoopLords has just released an affordable VST plugin instrument that combines sound generation with filters, reverb and an LFO in an all-in-one package that costs just $29. Continue reading

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Premiere Ratings Sink to a 5-Year Low

Hey, did you remember that AMC’s The Walking Dead premiered its eighth season this past Sunday? A lot of people did, to the tune of 11.4 million viewers (6.5 million of whom were in the choice demographic of adults 18-49), but an increasing number of people did not. The viewership for the premiere saw a 43% drop from a year ago, though the Season 7 premiere had to its benefit the frustrating yet brilliant marketing play of a cliffhanger resolution. Season 8 had little buzz going into its first frame and the premiere whiffed in its …
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