Black and Red Calder-Like Illustrations Combine Geometric Shapes into Spiders, Jellyfish, and Birds

When Adam Goldberg, founder of Santa Monica-based studio Trüf Creative isn’t crafting work for a client, the designer likes to engage his creativity with an ongoing series of minimal illustrations titled FAÜNA. The pieces combine black and red shapes and linework to form stylized versions of animals and insects, such as the one-eyed spider above or polka-dotted fish below. Continue reading

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Bob Dob’s Recent, Punk-Infused Paintings

Bob Dob‘s punk rock roots still shine through the artist’s paintings, including these recent pieces. Works like “Golden Punk God Made of Clay,” with a statue inspired by Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge and the band’s ongoing influence. Elsewhere in the painting, the work shows “various mischief and local South Bay culture and folklore,” the artist says. Dob is featured in the

Hi-Fructose Collected 3 Box Set Continue reading

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Top HNHH Trolls & Users Of 2018

We’ve been watching you, watch us all year. The result is our yearly run-down of site users who make our job that much more entertaining, and sometimes, a little bit stressful too. Every day we go in on content delivery, whether it’s pure hip-hop, entertainment news or the latest Kardashian gossip (sorry, not sorry), you guys gobble it up with equal parts glee and detest, so it seems. We see your comments when we finally get that “right” piece of original content out, and we see your comments when you’re upset about “ANOTHER” Drake post. We’re looking forward to seeing even more of them in 2019, and we’re kicking it off right, with our annual awards. Continue reading

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I Want One: Man Makes Card-Reading Mini Jukebox For Father

OMG, you know darkness too?!

This a short video demonstration of the custom wooden jukebox that designer Chris Patty built for his father. It works via a magnetic stripe card reader attached to a Raspberry Pi, which identifies the unique song card that was swiped, and plays the corresponding song. It looks like Chris made a fair amount of song cards too — that’s nice. The bar I always go to has one of those internet jukeboxes that will download almost any song, so I got the app (AMI Music) on my phone and play all the songs I want to hear but nobody else does without having to go up to the machine, so nobody knows it was me who played them. They get SO ANGRY. It brings me so much joy, plus I feel like a spy! Continue reading

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