Black Star (Yasiin Bey & Talib Kweli) @ Troxy, London, UK (20th Oct)

BLACK STAR, made up of Hip Hop heavyweights YASIIN BEY (AKA MOS DEF) & TALIB KWELI, flew straight from The States to deliver a monstrous show for the always eager London Hip Hop crowd

This show broke London’s three-year dry spell of the legendary duo, making it a rare, must-see hip hop event of the year. Black Star rose from the underground movement in the late 1990’s with the release of the album ‘Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star’, now hailed as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of our time. Since then, these Hip Hop masters have been spitting lyrics and dropping beats that have helped shape underground alternative Hip Hop, bringing it further into the mainstream eye. Continue reading

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Ear candy: 7 of the best Bluetooth earphones for under $200

With the headphone jack in danger of going extinct quicker than physical media, the need for a pair of wireless earphones to listen to music on the move has never been more urgent. Tom Wiggins picks seven of the best for replacing those wired earbuds.

Like batteries and toilet paper, cheap wireless earphones tend to be a false economy – but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a good pair.

For years Bluetooth in-ears were unwieldy and cumbersome, sacrificing comfort and sound quality for the sake of ditching the 3.5mm jack. It made no sense. You could get a far better pair of wired headphones for the same amount of cash. But then Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone and forced people to make a choice: buy Lightning headphones that you could only use with your phone, or go Bluetooth. Suddenly millions of people wanted wireless earphones – and they needed to be good. Continue reading

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