Premiere: Ehua ‘Jellyfish’

Ehua will release her new EP, ‘Aquamarine’, via TSVI, Wallwork and Federico Ciampolini’s Nervous Horizon this month.

Having debuted on the label’s third compilation in 2019, the London-based Italian-Ivorian DJ will release a six-track EP on 23rd April. You can have an exclusive first listen to the EP’s closer, ‘Jellyfish’, below. 

The release follows Ehua’s debut EP for femme culture back in 2018, and a string of remixes for the likes of Ariel Zetina and Keleketla!. Brimming with organic percussion, deep sub-bass and hypnotic atmospheres, ‘Aquamarine’ finds Ehua pushing her distinctive style forward, introducing elements of breaks and dub techno into rhythmic, syncopated sound.

Pre-order ‘Aquamarine’ here.

Revisit Ehua’s DJ Mag Fresh Kicks mix and interview here, and TSVI’s Recognise mix and interview here

Ehua makes her solo debut on TSVI, Wallwork and Federico Ciampolini’s Nervous Horizon with the ‘Aquamarine’ EP. Hear the pulsing percussion of ‘Jellyfish’ now

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Friday, April 16, 2021 – 12:30
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Author: Eoin Murray