Offset Begins “Where’s Offset” Campaign With “Narcos: Mexico” Promo

When Quavo and Takeoff appeared in a new video to promote Narcos: Mexico, many were left wondering where the third member of the Migos was. In fact, it was a question asked so often that Offset actually decided to address the situation. Many assumed that he was in the studio finishing up his upcoming solo album. We’re not used to the Migos being divided and if one of them is missing, it’s (unfortunately) usually Takeoff. You all remember him uttering “Do it look like I was left off ‘Bad and Boujee’?” at an award show. Set came through with an explanation on Instagram, revealing that he wasn’t present because he was busy binge-watching the previous seasons of Narcos, which wasn’t entirely necessary.

Narcos and Migos go hand-in-hand. The trio shares a song title with the TV series and they both generate a major amount of attention. Netflix and Offset revealed the newest promo for the show, noting, “You may be asking yourself… ‘Where’s Offset?'” The video shows the Atlanta rapper excitedly announcing that he’s about to watch the premiere of Narcos: Mexico with the rest of his squad before he realizes that he’s the only person in the room. Quavo, Takeoff, and DJ Durel all scold him through text messages, reminding him that they were actually scheduled to film yesterday. Offset just got caught up watching the old seasons. 

The series will focus on a new story, so it’s not entirely necessary to catch up on any of the old action. Rookie mistake from Offset…

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Author: Alex Zidel