Kirko Drops “The Bangz” In His Return Single “Macaroni N Fries”

Kirko Bangz has opted to drop his fictional surname going forward. From now on, the R&B singer would like to be known as “Kirko” plain and simple. What prompted the name change is anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for certain, the second act of Kirko’s career hasn’t been nearly as rewarding as the “first time around.” But that’s OK because only a few constituents remain, with Houston’s appeal to the “Underground” and self-preservation, a hard pill to swallow for someone like Kirko.

Given the impetus to adapt or wither away, Kirko went against the grain by imparting modest changes right down the middle. Considering the way in which Southern Hip-Hop has been re-contextualized in the current area, Kirko was right to choose the middle ground. Losing the “Bangz” surname may very be of benefit. His latest single “Macaroni N Fries” is, therefore, more than just nod to simple living; it’s actually a concession of faith. It’s implied that Southern Rap may have lost its bounce, and on some level, its aura of “warmth.” Kirko is done fighting against the current.

Quotable Lyrics:

She blow my phone don’t get replies
‘Cause I want something on the side
I’ve got to slide yeah
Got like 4 shifters in the ride yeah.

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Author: Devin Ch