The Mighty Capeech droppin fire with “Opportunity”…..aaaaaaaaa….yeeeahhh

Here is  some new fire with “Opportunity” from his forthcoming ep. Showing no remorse & staying true to the streets he delivers the hustlers aesthetic of making money & trying to staying alive.

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The Mighty Capeech has been making ground on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts since 2015 with a upbeat feel & boom-bap, Primo-style beats (heavy drums and soul samples) & raps that never dissapoint. Influenced by Rakim, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep & Tribe Called Quest he takes you back to when hip hop was not just a marketing tool for corporations raping the culture. If you’re waiting for someone to bring that 90’s hip hop back. Capeech is your guy.

Artist: The Mighty Capeech (Toronto)
Track: Opportunity
Producer: Rel McCoy

Contact: [email protected]

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