Gucci Mane Compares “Big Guwop” & “Slim Guwop” In Motivational Post

The Ice Cream Man might live on, but only in spirit. Upon his release from prison, Gucci Mane underwent a massive physical transformation, shedding pounds upon pounds. So drastic was his change in appearance that a “clone” narrative spawned, only half-seriously. Now, Gucci Mane is legitimately slim, with no sign of the once mighty gut worthy of Trailer Park Boys’ “BoBandy.” In fact, it’s somewhat surreal to examine the two variations of Guwop on a side-by-side basis, as they actually feel like two separate people. 

Today, Gucci Mane decided to use his own physical journey as motivation. Guwop took to Instagram with a dual image: Big Gucci on the left, Slim Gucci on the right. While the leftmost one certainly encompasses Gucci’s “boss” nature, with a considerable, borderline imposing belly and well-placed smoke trail, the rightmost flick looks decidedly more healthy. Given his recent status as a married man and respected businessman, it’s clear the effects of Gucci’s lifestyle change extend beyond the physical.

“Health is wealth,” writes Guwop, in an inspirational caption. “Use me as motivation!” It’s a good look for the Atlanta rapper, who continues to prove his worth as a role model. Has the game ever seen such a noteworthy turnaround? 

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Author: Mitch Findlay