Damond Blue Starts Off The New Year Of HNHH Freestyle Sessions

Damond Blue is on a mission in 2019. While he may have been overlooked in previous years, he’s destined to make a big splash in the upcoming months. Some rappers have difficulty spitting out powerful freestyles but Damond takes on the task without an issue. What a way to start off 2019 for our HNHH Freestyle Sessions.

In the first 2019 edition of our weekly series, Damond Blue unleashes some fire over a Loa Gaze beat as he brings forth lyrical wordplay, creative flows and a general swagger that cannot go unnoticed. Blue clearly has no problem coming up with clever bars on the spot as evidenced inĀ his latest episode of Freestyle Sessions. The rapperĀ tells an interesting story in his lyrics, setting a high bar to surpass for the next competitors.

Quotable Lyrics:

So I’m like ‘cool, I’ma pick you up at 9’
Right? 9:45
We was inside, had her legs spread apart like the Jumpman sign
I’m hard to break like jawbreakers
I’ll break your jaw, that’s my job
I work hard n***a no breaks at all
Hung around n***as who broke the law

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Author: Alex Zidel