Cassidy Is Still Vying For Record “Numbers” Out The Gate

The Hustla’s return to the “battle circuit” was upended by a hungrier opponent, as fate would have it. Battle rapping can at times feel like a cultural activity rooted in favoritism, especially when the combatant(s) can’t lay to a home crowd advantage, as if often the case when Philly and New York lock horns. And so it goes: you can’t win all the hearts with one flush hand; Cassidy wasn’t about to let a split decision loss (at Resolution) deter him any further.

This week, Cassidy completed his first mixtape in some time. Bearing the title of Numbers, Cassidy finds himself in a familiar position: in control of the Hustla persona, he crafted nearly 15 years ago. With contributions from the likes of lesser-known artists such as Reggae Ratchet, Bishop, and Cerda, Numbers stands a good chance of exceeding expectations, so give ‘er a try.


1. Get To A Sell 
2. Like Mine Feat. Reggae Ratchet
3. Its Mayhem When We Come Through ft. Reggae Ratchet 
4. Hide From Me
5. Get Rich Feat. Cerda 
6. Let’s Get To This Chicken Feat. Reggae Ratchet 
7. It’s Hard Out Here Feat. Bishop 
8. Constitutional Rights 
9. When It All Go Wrong Feat. Bishop 
10. Another Plan 
11. I Feel Good 
12. He Pussy 
13. Fade Away 
14. Put In Work Feat. Cerda 

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Author: Devin Ch

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