Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ Is Going To Divorce Court With $137 Billion At Stake

The World’s richest man is putting $137 Billion on the line in divorce court, after previously claiming to be on a separation hiatus with his estranged wife MacKenzie, a renown American author in her own right. TMZ is reporting that Jeff Bezos has zero regrets about the way things unfolded 25 years ago when he and MacKenzie exchanged wedding vows. In fact, Jeff is quoted as saying, “if we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again,” tabula rasa indeed!

Jeff and MacKenzie first met when he was the VP of a hedge fund in NYC, in the least romantic (or most) romantic of settings. Jeff unknowingly interviewed MacKenzie for a job, before “officially” flirting with the idea of coupledom under markedly different pretenses. Within 6 months, they were married and off to Seattle where Jeff would open the first Amazon storefront, a bookstore if you recall?

While Jeff Bezos appears to be resolved to his fate (for all we know), the billion-dollar question remains: did he and MacKenzie come to terms on a prenup at some point in their marriage? By the looks of it, Jeff and MacKenzie were devoutly locked into their relationship. Jeff became a millionaire for the first time in 1997, 4 years after they’d tied the knot. By law, without a prenup, couples are bestowed a 50-50 split of the purse, barring some exceptions which can be argued in court. The Bezos’ shared fortune of $137 Billion doesn’t even account for the 400,000 acres of property they own in the United States alone.

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Author: Devin Ch