KJ Sawka & Hi I’m Ghost Release New ‘Misfits’ EP On Kannibalen

At a show last night, a friend leaned over to me and mentioned, “You know, I feel like dubstep is getting way more punchy in 2019.” Now, punchy isn’t a technical term by any stretch of the imagination, but you still immediately know what it’s referring to. That heavy, relentless pounding bass and synth stab in a drop… you know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t.

Listening to the new Misfits EP from KJ Sawka and Hi I’m Ghost, out now on Kannibalen, that conversation came to mind. One of my favorite things about any KJ Sawka production are the clean drums, augmented by his decades playing drums for the likes of Pendulum, Destroid, and more. In that same vein, Hi I’m Ghost have proven time and again that they’re nothing to f*ck with. This relatively new pair of producers are absolute beasts in the studio, so it’s no surprise that tracks like “Misfits” and “WAT” are as bombastic as they turned out to be.

These aren’t early-hours dubstep tracks either; these are peak hours, sweaty faces and aching feet dubstep tunes that are sure to revive even the most weary headbanger and get them right back on that rail.

Check out Misfits from KJ Sawka and Hi I’m Ghost below.

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Author: Matthew Meadow