Deadmau5 Gives A Sneak Peek At Cube 3.0

Ultra Music Festival made waves when it announced the lineup for 2019 at its new home in Virginia Key. With plenty of performances exclusive to the festival (i.e., not playing anywhere else during MMW), the festival is clearly trying to make the new home the go-to place in March. One of the huge draws of the festival will undoubtedly be deadmau5’s headlining set, whereupon he’ll unveil the worldwide debut of his Cube 3.0.

Fans who have been paying attention to mau5 on Twitch have seen him testing out the new Cube set up in the studio, using a variety of software like Cinema 4D and Houdini FX. Over 24 hours of him working on the Cube has already been streamed, including the (relatively) short 30-minute clip below.

The clip below, however, shows more of the final set up of the whole staging, including the shape of the cube and accompanying LED panels and trusses. In the course of the video, we get an idea for the expected dimensions of the cube: mau5 says the cube itself will be 16 feet per side, and the LED strip in the back is around 9 feet from top to bottom.

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Author: Matthew Meadow