King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Interior People

Sounds like:
The Murlocs, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Post Animal

What’s so good?

The first time I listened to “Interior People,” I watched the music video at the same time. I was so distracted by the absolute trip-fest occurring before my eyes that I actually forgot to listen to the song.It’s like a full-on short film of animated psychedelia of a butterfly-person riding an actual butterfly as it flies past dilapidated purple castles, pink clouds, and curly green foliage backdropped by a star-speckled black sky.There are also a bunch of odd-looking green alien-like creatures (caterpillar things, maybe?) and a couple of questionable pinkish things (don’t ask, I’m really not sure at this point). Are they cocoons? Maybe they’re cocoons. Anyway, butterfly-lady punches out the green alien-caterpillar guys, sheds her butterfly-suit and we see that she is actually a human woman! Then she climbs inside the giant pink cocoon. She gestates for a bit amid flashing images of brightly colored shapes and emerges as a beautiful actual butterfly as the aforementioned purple towers explode into oblivion.The last shot is of her flying alongside the butterfly she was riding earlier (who I’m going to assume is her best and only friend in this world of utter psychedelic chaos) as they cross fields of green and brown. Is she an interior person? Are the butterflies interior people? What does it all mean?! I can’t tell you. But I can tell you one thing. This is a great, retro-esque, fantastical song, and a true testament to why King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are 18 studio albums into their unbelievably prolific oeuvre, with their latest album Butterfly 3000 (noticing a trend here?) released last month. Lead songwriter Joey Walker described “Interior People” as:“The internal battle of questioning your own sanity, and the joy that comes in letting go and surrendering to the void”.”I keep thinking someoneIs standing beside meBut when I turn to grab themThey jump back inside of meThey tell me to do thingsAnd so does the radioAnd learn from the satelliteThat orbits my shadow, yeah”It’s a cosmic, bold, psychedelic rock, space odyssey that’ll have you questioning your sanity in the most enjoyable way possible.

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