Aaron Evans – King Of The Jungle (Music Video/Short Film)

San Diego, California based artist Aaron Evans recently dropped the visual to his latest track KING OF THE JUNGLE

The King Of The Jungle has returned. His roar is renewed, his drive is undaunted, his soul having endured The Test Of Healing. It’s time to clean the Jungle, restore order, chase the bald heads, hyenas and fuck boys out of town. K.O.T.J. is a merciless Hip Hop anthem triumphantly establishing his mission statement, his motto, his theme.

“We Are Rising – We Are One!”

King Of The Jungle‘ is the first short film presented by artistic decathlete Aaron Evans (Directed by, shot by, edited by, produced, vocals, etc, etc. You get the point.) Filmed on location at Farmadelica Sounds, a jungle paradise in Southern Florida, K.O.T.J. is a visually stunning adventure carrying a powerful message in a concise, invigorating presentation. (When the beat drops, it’s as if the battle sirens have sounded.) Conceptually, K.O.T.J. addresses the large generational gap in ideology about our worlds future and the need for a voice to act as a moderator. Then proceeds to state with absolute resolve, that only through unity, can we obtain and apply practical solutions. We can plant new flags of hope, but only if we dig the holes together.

Aaron Evans aims to be one of the voices leading these difficult conversations moving forward and K.O.T.J. is him stating these intentions clearly. This warrior poet’s work is only just getting started, as our world’s war for survival, has only just begun.

For well over a decade Aaron Evans has been spreading his distinct D.I.Y. brand of rebellious, uplifting and brutally honest artwork around the world. He ran Dove Ink Records, an Indy Hip Hop Label with his good friend Illogic. He published gonzo style articles in counter-culture publications found on newsstands around the globe. He toured and travelled. He went viral with his anthem for the people ‘We All Work’. He learned a million mediums of creativity, from directing music videos and blowing glass, to graphic design and music production. Then, in an instant, it all stopped, as 3 years ago he unexpectedly had to step into a role as a caretaker for his father stricken with Dementia and relocate his family across the country to escape his brother who had relapsed on heroin. But, if you know Aaron, you know the one thing he never does, is give up.

The story of Aaron’s downfall is unapologetically tragic. Yet the trajectory of his resurrection is nothing short of astounding. Relaunching his carrier on the first of the year, Aaron returns with a new arsenal of artistic offerings ranging from music videos and short films to a new album (Hope Floats) and groundbreaking line of handmade blown glass (The One Tribe). During his time in the wilderness, sequestered from the city in a life of service to his family, Aaron simply spent every free minute he could find refining his craft and renewing his being; Mind, Body and Soul. 1000’s of hours in the music and glass studios, in the gym, in field scouting locations, in his home, in the wee hours of the night, making sure every single detail was right before publishing his second novel in life.

“It’s been a long time coming.
But it has come.
Welcome to The Jungle.
THIS is the era of The Lion!”.


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