Truck Drives Into Sinkhole, Tries To Break In Half


This is a video of a fearless motorist in Massachusetts plowing his Chevrolet S10 pickup into a sinkhole caused by a broken water main and almost separating the truck’s cab and bed. Weird. Admittedly, that water looks relatively unassuming and I probably would have tried driving through it too because human survival instincts are overrated. Of course a smarter person would probably argue the key to successfully navigating a potentially dangerous situation like this is watching somebody else go before you, that way if they die you know for certain you should go at least twice as fast to hydroplane all the way across.

Keep going for the whole video. Also, obvious bonus points for the driver not wearing a shirt.

Thanks to me, for spotting this posted on Facebook and not to the person who actually posted it because they’re more of a frienemy than a friend anyways. Haha — piss off, Adam!

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