Don’t Do Drugs: Man Wakes Driver Asleep At The Wheel, Slow-Speed Chaos Ensues

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t have woke him up!” — truer words have never been spoken

This is a video of a man stopping to wake a motorist who’s asleep at the wheel (possibly on drugs, possibly suffering from a medical condition like he did too many drugs), who proceeds to wake up, crash through a road closed sign, then cross the street (amazingly managing to not get hit in the process) and into a fence before taking out a light pole and coming to a stop. Drugs: just like my magic, they’re dangerous and should not be messed with, especially while behind the wheel (one time in the mall parking lot I accidentally turned my gear shift into a cobra and crashed into the Macy’s shoe department).

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees, please, get the help you need.

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