Cobra Kai Prank With A Karate Kid Who Chops A Motorcycle In Two

This is an elaborate prank video created to advertise Youtube Red’s upcoming Cobra Kai, a sequel series to Karate Kid. So….who has Youtube Red and are you willing to host a viewing party? The prank is actually pretty great, albeit entirely unbelievable. I mean, unless you believe there are black belts out there who can split a motorcycle in two with a karate chop, then kick the top off a fire hydrant. “I do believe that.” Me too, but you have to train from a real master. Did anybody else’s parents trick them into washing and waxing their cars every weekend because it would be good for your karate training? I also had to wear an eyepatch for over a month after my dad convinced me to try catching flies with chopsticks. “Did one land on your nose?” It happened to you too?!

Keep going for the video while I speculate how many takes were ruined when bystanders tried to intervene.

Thanks to Matthew, who holds the Guinness World Record for most lethal karate chop.

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