Man Demonstrates His Technique For Clearing 7-Feet Of Snow Off Roof Of Building


This is a video of a man slowly and steadily clearing 7-feet of snow off the roof of the Canyon General Store in Yellowstone National Park. His technique involves dividing the snow up into 700-pound refrigerator sized blocks, then pushes them to the edge of the roof (which is basically even with the accumulated snow below) with his shovels. Clearly *putting on cool guy shades* this isn’t this man’s first snowdeo. “I see what you did there, but it definitely doesn’t warrant cool guy shades.” Oh come on! What if I wear them on the back of my head?

Keep going for the video while I speculate why they didn’t just close the store and hibernate until spring like normal bears.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees the Human Torch is missing out on some easy opportunities to make some side cash.

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