After capturing our attention with the mighty impressive Ferrari 308 Brawler, 3D artist Carlos Pecino, also know as ColorSponge,
has now turned his watchful eye to an International Scout Truck
restoration that looks insane. The Vanguard Scout is inspired by the
crazy Baja rally machines, but keeping as much as possible from the original
Scout design, just changing the necessary to wear those crazy wheels and
suspension, and using pure functional design. For this creation he has
applied his obsession and seek for perfection to one of the most most
beautiful SUV?s ever – the International Scout II. Making an improvement
to something which is already perfect is an almost impossible task, but
we think he nailed it in this build.

You can find behind the scenes glimpses of his work on his Instagram account, or follow his surreal designs directly from his Behance page.

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