Whether you like it or not, you will now need to wear a mask in many
public spaces to protect yourself and those around you. So you might as
well do it with something that will do as much as it can for you, and as
an alternative solution to surgical masks, living these to our
healthcare workers who probably need them even more than us. UVMask
is the next generation of reusable mask with powerful UV-C purification
technology and capable of filtering all pollutants, pathogens, dust,
and allergens faster than you breathe. The sleek mask is equipped with a
passive air filter, and a groundbreaking patent-pending Sterile-Vortex
active protection, it filters and purifies 99.99% of air 10x faster than
you can breathe. It includes replaceable filters, prevents your glasses
from fogging up, and charges via an USB-C port. watch the video below

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