VW creates a factory Multivan plug-in hybrid camper using light RV kit

The VW T7 Multivan is slowly becoming the all-out sporty tour de force and light camper it was always destined to be. Those uninterested in aftermarket kits will be happy to note that Volkswagen has revealed a “camper-lite” option of its own. The newly adapted Good Night Pack adds one more trick to the T7’s “multi” quiver, creating a light, fast-deploying bed that stretches the width of the van to create a blacked-out double occupancy motel room. The Multivan “Good Night” certainly isn’t VW’s most impressive camper van, but factor the newfound sleeper capability into the van’s versatile playbook of adaptive seating, multifunctional components and accessories, and available plug-in hybrid powertrain, and you end up with a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that boasts the most “MP” in the VW lineup.

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Author: C.C. Weiss