Lifted up from the forest floor using slim steel structures, the amazing Pan Treetop Cabins
give guests a birds-eye-view of Norway?s beautiful Finnskogen forest.
The cabins are eight meters up in the air, and are open for rental. They
have a muted exterior in the woods yet they have a glowing, warm, snug
and safe interior. They also offer an amazing birds-eye view perspective that it will give your experience of nature a whole new
dimension. Each dwelling has around 40 sqm and has room for 6 people
sleeping over (one king size bed and four single beds), a bathroom,
kitchen and living areas with fireplace. All cabins have electricity,
water, shower and offer a high standard of living with all the necessary
facilities. Surrounded by trees, trails, and fjords, there is more than
enough sightseeing available. watch the video below

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