Keeping track of where all of your friends are when hiking in the
backcountry can be a real challenge, specially when cell networks are
nonexistent. LynQ
is a dead-simple gadget that lets you find your family and friends even
if you?re off the grid, no fee or phone required. With a simple press
of a button on this device, you can locate anyone in your group in
seconds. Up to 12 devices can be linked, simply give each person in your
group a LynQ and you?ll always be able to know how far each person is
away from you, and in which direction. LynQ also offers a broad range
signal up to three miles. In addition, it provides up to three days of
battery life on a single charge. Perfect for adventures in the great
outdoors, festivals, and you can even set a safe zone to know if your
kids leave a designated area. watch the video below

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