Brrrn is introducing the slide board experience to fitness enthusiasts nation-wide to create a new category of at-home fitness. The Brrrn Board will breathe new life into your home workout routine, it is a versatile home workout tool that can help improve your balance, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and strength.

Designed for easy storage, the slide board will fire up stabilization muscles in your legs, core, and glutes, in fact it uses 600+ muscles in just one slide to keep you upright, increasing the effectiveness of the movement and making you work harder with every rep.

To keep you motivated, there is also At-Home Subscription hub, filled with various workouts that range from 10 to 60 minutes. Workout categories include slide, cardio sculpt, core, boot camp, yoga, brrreath, recovery, and burnouts. Lovingly made with recyclable materials, it comes complete with board care wipes, mitts for hands and booties for feet.


Our thanks to Brrrn for sponsoring the site this week. The post was written by the BTS team and not influenced in any way.

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