The crazy Ferox Azaris
is a six wheeled off-road advanced vehicle with four hydraulic motors.
Unlike a conventional electric motor, or indeed an internal-combustion
engine, each motor is driven by a liquid that is 95 percent water. Fluid
is pumped into ports inside the wheel hub, which pushes on a series of
gates tasked with rotating the outer housing of the motor and, in turn,
the wheel to which they are attached. A BMW R1200GS motorbike engine
powers the pump, which in turns sends water to the wheels as required.
Each motor weighs just 11kg, and could theoretically output 680Nm of
torque. That?s almost the same amount you get from a Porsche 911 Turbo,
but Ferox has the ability to deliver it to every wheel! The side-by-side
ATV also features a clever suspension system and looks to make a Mars
rover jealous.

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