With the new Samsung AirDresser,
you never have to go to the dry cleaners again. Like a home dry cleaner
that fits inside your closet, AirDresser is a self-contained system
that combines powerful steam and air to clean and de-wrinkle clothes you
would normally leave at the dry cleaner. It removes wrinkles and 99% of
common bacteria, dust mites and odors from your clothing, and thanks to
a built-in deodorizing filter, it eliminates stubborn odors that linger
in fabrics caused by smoke, perspiration and food. The AirDresser
features a touch-enabled LCD panel out front, and an app, where you can
choose preprogrammed cycles for things like jackets, t-shirts, school
uniforms, and sweaters, and a Sanitize Cycle program which uses
high-temperature steam. watch the video below

The AirDresser is currently 30% off ($1,049 $1,499). Limited time only.

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