Vloggers rejoice! Cam Link 4K
by Elgato is a simple and easy way to hook up your DSLR camera or GoPro
directly to your PC or Mac and broadcast live 4K at 30 fps, instead of
using your webcam you may use your other gear with much higher
resolution in order to get crisp clear detail and you may use it in all
your favourite apps. Cam Link 4K enables you to use 4K (2160P/30FPS or
1080P/60FPS) and still get real time feedback. It also enables you to
record directly on to your hard drive, no risk of maxing out your memory
card. Go live in no time due to its ultra low latency technology. So if
you?re looking to turn your webcam into a high quality camera this is
the thing to get.

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Author: CAM LINK 4K