Konstantin Grcic designs clothing for Aeance using recycled and biodegradable materials

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

Konstantin Grcic has created a sustainable fashion collection that he describes as “an industrial designer’s take on clothing”.

The German designer created the nine-piece 03 collection for Munich-based clothing brand Aeance, using 96 per cent recycled, natural or biodegradable materials.

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

The range features a series of coats, jackets, blazers, trousers and skirts, which come in a “restricted palette” of pared-back colours, including black, blue, grey, red and mauve.

Grcic – who is best known for furniture designs like the Clerici seats and the Mattiazzi stools – said his aim was to create garments that embody the same principles and values of industrial design.

“Aeance was looking for an industrial designer’s take on clothing and a different point of view,” he said.

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

Described by Krcic as “understated, timeless and functional”, the collection features garments with clean-lined silhouettes, tapered seams and laser-cut accents.

Discreet detailing like internal arm cuffs and concealed buttons are incorporated into the designs to ensure the final pieces look as minimal as possible, while two-way zips enable wearers to adjust the slimness of the garments.

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

“We simplified the styles again and again to get to the root of the pieces. They’re not about loud statements, they’re more quietly convincing,” said Grcic.

“I’m really interested in the idea of clothing evolving from sportswear, with a performance aspect that is practical, efficient and economical,” he explained.

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

Each piece is predominantly made from materials that are environmentally friendly, able to be recycled or bio-degraded after use.

The padded jacket is made of merino wool and recycled nylon, while the trousers are constructed from a flexible fibre found in beech wood.

The tailored coats are made of recycled plastic and the skirt uses a stretchy nylon material that is biodegradable.

“I was amazed that within the textile industry there are such high-quality performance fabrics made using ecological resources,” said the designer.

“The use of sustainable materials is rare in my industry. Working with these fabrics gave me a new sense of quality and understanding about the specificity of materials. The fabrics in the collection are amazing in terms of touch, weight, drape and stretch.”

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

The outerwear includes pockets lined with a patented fabric, commonly used in industrial workwear, which blocks electromagnetic waves. This is intended to protect against smartphone radiation.

“Making a jacket is really an act of construction. You have to sculpt and mould 2D materials into a 3D form. I conceived of it in the same way that I would design a piece of furniture,” added Grcic.

Konstantin Grcic for Aeance

The 03 collection is the first fashion collection created by Grcic, who previously designed a multi-pocketed vest for Prada.

It is the third launched by Aeance, which was founded in 2015 by Nadine-Isabelle Baier and Arendt van Deyk. The 01 and 02 collections were created by designers fashion designers Hien Le and Steven Tai.

“The collection marks an evolution from the brand’s signature performance apparel, into technical yet tailored ready-to-wear,” said the duo.

“Aeance stands for timeless, minimal design of the highest quality, values we admire in leading industrial design.”

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Author: Gunseli Yalcinkaya