Spaceteam VR’s Co-op Party Begins Later This Month

Spaceteam VR

With the coronavirus lockdown in most countries likely to continue into the near future, people are looking for new and entertaining ways to remain connected with friends and family. Later this month British indie developer Cooperative Innovations will be releasing its co-op party title Spaceteam VR, ideal for groups looking for some hectic entertainment.

Spaceteam VR

Spaceteam VR is based on the mobile title from 2013, designed to offer hectic gameplay which tends to descend into shouting at each other to complete tasks. Continue reading

Reggie Watts Returns to AltspaceVR for an 8-week Live Show Series

Reggie Watts - AltspaceVR

Tired of binge-watching Netflix or seen every Marvel/Star Wars film on Disney+? Then you’ll be looking for more entertainment. This weekend multi-talented Reggie Watts will be returning to AltspaceVR to perform 8 live shows over the next few weeks.

Reggie Watts - AltspaceVR_newimage

A vocal artist, beatboxer, musician, and comedian, Watts has been a regular on the social virtual reality (VR) app since his debut in 2016.

In a new show called Reinterpreted Reality with Reggie Watts he’ll be delighting VR audiences the world over with his own eclectic mix of comedy and music. He’ll once again be in full avatar mode and thanks to AltspaceVR’s tech it’ll be a true virtual performance that literally anyone stepping into the digital realm can enjoy, just like a real world live set. Continue reading

Solid Snake Voice Actor David Hayter Will be Phantom: Covert Ops’ Lead Villain

Phantom: Covert Ops - David Hayter announcement

nDreams’ upcoming virtual reality (VR) title Phantom: Covert Ops looks set to offer one of the most promising stealth experiences of 2020. Today, the developer has announced that the voice actor behind Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, David Hayter will be voicing Phantom: Covert Ops‘ lead antagonist.

Phantom: Covert Ops

In Phantom: Covert Ops players are tasked with infiltrating a Cold War naval installation run by disgraced ex-Soviet General Zhurov (Hayter). The entire videogame takes place on water with players having to manoeuvre around in a kayak. Continue reading

Wet Dog Corp is the First VR Project From Ringling College Students

Wet Dog Corp

Just over a year ago virtual reality (VR) developer Flight School Studio (Manifest 99Island Time) revealed a partnership with Ringling College of Art and Design to mentor students on the newly-founded VR Development BFA degree programme. Now the first title from the course is on its way to Steam, with Wet Dog Corp arriving next week.

Wet Dog Corp

Gameplay revolves around the lucrative world of keeping pets clean, more specifically our canine friends. Set to offer a fun and frantic experience, your task is to get these pooches primed and ready for their owners within a specific time limit. Continue reading

Rhythm Action Shooter Pistol Whip Aims for PlayStation VR Release Summer 2020

Pistol Whip

The PlayStation VR has some great virtual reality (VR) titles available but there are plenty of PC-based videogames that would work well on the system. Cloudhead Games seems to think so as the developer has just announced it’ll be porting the excellent Pistol Whip this summer.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip combines both rhythm action gameplay with the feeling of being an unstoppable badass, most often compared to John Wick. Gameplay is fairly straight forward, gun in hand you have to survive levels – called ‘scenes’ – by taking down enemies however you like, shooting them in the face of throwing in a quick gun butt. Continue reading

Slamdance Documentary Ask No Questions Moves Festival Run Onto Bigscreen Tomorrow

Ask No Questions

If you own an Oculus Quest or Go headset then hopefully you spent some of last week enjoying Tribeca Immersive’s Cinema360 programme which had 15 short films to enjoy. Tomorrow that trend continues as Bigscreen will play film festival host to documentary Ask No Questions.

Ask No Questions

Toronto-based Lofty Sky Pictures will be holding the event on the popular virtual reality (VR) app due to the current pandemic halting its festival run. Premiering at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City during January, the VR screenings will offer a live Q&A with the filmmaker whilst helping to support the nonprofit Roxie Theater. Continue reading