Play Slightly Heroes Anywhere With its new Mobile Companion App

Slightly Heroes is a one vs one first-person shooter for Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Windows Mixed Reality and the Lenovo Mirage Solo. While that extensive range of support should help players find matches developer Hatrabbit Entertainment has now gone one step further this week by releasing a non-VR version for Android devices.

Slightly Heroes

The Slightly Heroes VR Companion app is still very much Early Access, with the studio still in the process of smoothing out any bugs and glitches that may be present. Even so, it now opens the experience to millions of users worldwide, hopefully ensuring you can find a multiplayer match. Continue reading

The Tease Continues as Another Video Appears for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic Labs, in conjunction with WB Games and Portkey Games, are currently in the process of developing augmented reality (AR) title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Since being first revealed just over a year ago, nothing has actually been seen of the videogame so far, with the only details coming by way of the official website and a live-action teaser trailer last month. Now another trailer has made an appearance, and yes, once again, there’s little info revealed.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite teaser2

The video this time takes the form of a road traffic camera in Sydney, Australia. Here you can see several of the famous Nimbus 2000 broomsticks flying out of control, and without any riders to speak of. Continue reading

Clay AIR Offers Hardware-Agnostic Hand Tracking for VR & AR

Hand tracking has the ability to offer even more lifelike virtual reality (VR) experiences by removing controllers and simply engaging your hands directly. When it comes to this type of technology Leap Motion is one of the more well-known companies, manufacturing a small USB powered device that goes on the front of devices to track users hands. Clay AIR Inc. is another working in the same field but taken a different approach, developing gesture recognition software that’s hardware-agnostic. Continue reading

Beat Saber Gets Another Free Track League of Legends’ ‘POP/STARS’

Beat Games recently tweeted that it had some Christmas surprises in store for Beat Saber players. Last week saw the first of these arrive in the form of an exclusive release called One Hope by American electronic duo Knower. Today, the next Beat Saber Christmas surprise has arrived, viral hit POP/STARS, from the League of Legends universe.

Beat Saber POP/Stars

POP/STARS made its debut via a surprise augmented reality (AR) performance at the League of Legends 2018 World Final Opening Ceremony on 3rd November. The track hit #1 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart and has accumulated over 100 million views on YouTube. Continue reading

Oculus GoBlack – How to make your Oculus Go Better

Oculus Go, like all products, is the result of a series of compromises around cost, schedule, quality, and competence. It is clearly the best standalone VR platform on the market, but anyone with a bit of technical skill can make it even better.

I have been modding my Go over the past few months, and the resulting device is a huge step up in terms of overall experience. Once you GoBlack, you never go back! Here is a list of upgrades, along with a bit of explanation on the thinking behind each of them. Continue reading

Buy a Vive Wireless Adapter and Get Fallout 4 VR + a Viveport Subscription for Free

It’s Christmas season so its time to keep an eye out for some awesome deals if you still have money left over from all that present shopping. If you own the HTC Vive then Viveport currently has some offers running, or for those after some hardware, there’s a new limited time Vive Wireless Adapter deal going on this month.

For those looking to free themselves from the PC tether, the Vive Wireless Adapter is available for $299 USD ex-shipping for HTC Vive, or $360 ex-shipping for the HTC Vive Pro version (with its additional adapter kit). Those are the standard prices which the kits launched at, with the new offer adding in two incentives, Bethesda’s open-world epic Fallout 4 VR and a two-month Viveport Subscription for free – nabbing you five videogames per month to rent. The only cravats are that the deal ends on 31st December and it’s purely limited to North American customers. Continue reading