Oculus Quest and Go Enterprise Edition’s in Development for 2019

Sometimes the best way to find out what a company is working on is to simply look at its job vacancies. If a project is suitably big enough then more personnel are occasionally needed – or those with specific skills and experience – and this seems to be the case regarding Facebook’s interest in putting a great focus on enterprise edition headsets.

Oculus Go GDC Promo Hero

First spotted by Variety, a recent job posting by Facebook was looking for a Software Engineer, with the details revealing the company’s interest in expanding its business platform: Continue reading

Have an Early Holiday as Owlchemy Labs Confirm a Release Date for Vacation Simulator

Owlchemy Labs has to one of the most successful virtual reality (VR) studios thanks to titles Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alityHaving announced follow up title Vacation Simulator back in 2017, the studio has now confirmed a release date for the PC VR version and a launch window for the PlayStation VR version.

Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator will arrive on Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets on 9th April 2019, as well as Oculus Store for $29.99 USD. The PlayStation VR version will be coming this summer. Continue reading

RAF Museum London to Launch a VR Experience Based on the Dambusters

Yesterday VRFocus reported on VR Education releasing a new virtual reality (VR) experience this month based on the Dambusters called Raid on the Ruhr. Now for WWII history buffs, the RAF Museum London has announced it’ll be hosting its own Dambusters VR Experience.


Developed by creative agency All Seeing Eye in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum and supported by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England as a part of CreativeXR. The original prototype was called Immersive Histories: Dam Busters, based around the Dambusters first raid of 1943. Continue reading

VR Education’s Titanic VR Followup Raid on the Ruhr Lands in March

VR Education Holdings PLC is well known for its in-depth, factual virtual reality (VR) pieces such as Apollo 11 VR, Titanic VR and 1943: Berlin Blitz. Today, the studio has announced its next VR project, Raid on the Ruhr, another WWII experience which is set to arrive later this month.

Titanic VR image

Raid on the Ruhr is an educational title based on the famous Dambusters mission of May 1943. For this mission, a team of bomber and night fighter veterans were assembled under a new squadron, codenamed Squadron ‘X’, to deliver the now infamous ‘bouncing bomb, the brainchild of inventor Barnes Wallis. Continue reading

Stress Level Zero’s Latest VR Title Boneworks is an Experimental Physics Game

After releasing multiplayer shooter Hover Junkers in 2016, and then twisted horror experience Duck Season a year later, virtual reality (VR) developer Stress Level Zero has remained fairly quiet. Now, the studio has revealed its latest project which is taking physics mechanics to the extreme, Boneworks.


Described as a “narrative VR action adventure using advanced experimental physics mechanics,” Boneworks certainly looks to be taking physical interaction in VR as seriously as possible. Whether that’s interacting with guns, climbing walls smashing boxes and even jumping, the team has created a holodeck/lab style environment that’s all about going back to basics and figuring out what does what. Continue reading

AR Experience East of the Rockies Tells the Story of Canada’s Japanese Internment Camps

Developers have only just begun exploring what augmented reality (AR) technology can achieve on mobile devices. Today,  Canadian author Joy Kogawa in collaboration with Toronto-based design and experience agency Jam3 and The National Film Board of Canada have unveiled the interactive narrative East of the Rockies.

East of the Rockies

East of the Rockies’ story is about Canada’s Japanese internment camps during WWII. Taking inspiration from Kogawa’s novels Obasan and Itsuka, which chronicle the persecution of Japanese citizens in Canada during the war, the AR experience follows 17-year-old Yuki as her family adjusts to life in a camp. Continue reading