Buy a Vive Wireless Adapter and Get Fallout 4 VR + a Viveport Subscription for Free

It’s Christmas season so its time to keep an eye out for some awesome deals if you still have money left over from all that present shopping. If you own the HTC Vive then Viveport currently has some offers running, or for those after some hardware, there’s a new limited time Vive Wireless Adapter deal going on this month.

For those looking to free themselves from the PC tether, the Vive Wireless Adapter is available for $299 USD ex-shipping for HTC Vive, or $360 ex-shipping for the HTC Vive Pro version (with its additional adapter kit). Those are the standard prices which the kits launched at, with the new offer adding in two incentives, Bethesda’s open-world epic Fallout 4 VR and a two-month Viveport Subscription for free – nabbing you five videogames per month to rent. The only cravats are that the deal ends on 31st December and it’s purely limited to North American customers. Continue reading

Go on Assignment With BBC News Africa in Congo VR

Today, the BBC has released its next virtual reality (VR) project via the BBC VR app, documentary series called Congo VR, taking viewers into the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Congo VR

Heading into one of Africa’s most dangerous and stunning countries on assignment with BBC News Africa correspondent Alastair Leithead, the three-part series has been produced by BBC VR Hub and BBC News.

A sequel to Damming the Nile VR, which took viewers to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, Congo VR explores this conflicted country, with the first episode heading to capital Kinshasa, joining pygmies on a forest hunt, and stopping off at the ruined luxury palace of former dictator President Mobutu Sese Seko. Continue reading

New Dark Eclipse Update Adds More Characters and Player Bonuses to PlayStation VR Title

PlayStation VR MOBA Dark Eclipse updated last month with new characters and a Ranked Mode. Today, developer Sunsoft has announced its next winter update, increasing that character roster even further as well as including some festive winter skins.

Dark Eclipse

In its latest update, Dark Eclipse will give players access to three new playable characters. These are:

  • Owen – A Leader that can channel his Energy Boost ability to muster strength and passively increase his movement speed before unleashing a deadly attack;
  • Sosei – A support Dominator that can sustain lengthy combat and swing the tide of battle by reviving fallen Leaders and healing soldiers, knocking back nearby enemy units in the process;
  • Jysook – An assassin Dominator with explosive abilities who can lay bomb traps around the battlefield and self-destruct to secure crucial kills.

And because it’s the festive season Sunsoft has got into the Christmas spirit with four new skins, a Yeti hand skin for your current character plus winter skins for characters Veronika, Wuntasto and Jysook. Continue reading

Valve Shipping New Knuckles Controller Developer Kits ‘In Quantity’

Valve is moving beyond evaluation prototypes of its Knuckles tracked handheld controllers and onto developer kits “with improvements to cap sense, trigger feel, and more.”

The new controllers have been in development for some time from privately-owned Valve, which is based in Bellevue, Washington. The engineers at Valve are the folks responsible for the key tracking technology used in the HTC Vive. They are also developing their own head-mounted display and, with these controllers, could offer new ways of using your hands in a virtual space. The controllers strap to your hands and allow for realistic grasping and release sensations with capacitive sensors meant to track finger movements. Continue reading

LBVR Specialist mk2 to Integrate Secret Location’s Vusr Venue for Global Content Delivery

When it comes to location-based virtual reality (LBVR) entertainment two thing are highly important, the hardware for visitors to use and where you get your content from. mk2 is a specialist provider of VR equipment, providing locations across Europe with its mk2 VR Pods. The company had been searching for a content management tool, announcing a new partnership with Secret Location to use its all-in-one solution, Vusr Venue.

Vusr Media - 1

Both companies have a shared goal to create a worldwide VR distribution network and this collaboration is a step in that direction. Continue reading

The Spy Who Shrunk Me Out Now, VR Update Will be Free in 2019

For those who like a good comedy caper, indie developer Catland Ltd has today launched its next title, The Spy Who Shrunk Me. While the title doesn’t currently support virtual reality (VR) the studio has plans to add support early next year.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me new image2

Catland Ltd has already got one VR title under its belt, Taphouse VR, with The Spy Who Shrunk Me set to be even bigger and better than its forebear.

The Spy Who Shrunk Me is currently an Early Access title on Steam, with the studio planning on a short gestation period, fully launching early 2019. In its current form: “The Spy Who Shrunk Me is playable from start to finish, we’re just missing a few neat features like localization, proper polish, probably that one options menu setting you want and the entire VR version of the game,” the team notes. “If you want to jump in, we’ve got a great fully voice-acted story with stealth action ready for you from the get-go! Jump in later, we’ll have more levels to play and more gadgets to use.” Continue reading