Impressive Looking VR Dungeon Crawler The Morrigan is coming to Steam Early Access in March

Virtual reality (VR) dungeon crawlers like The Mage’s Tale, The Witching Tower, Gates of Nowhere and In Death offer some of the best, and most immersive experiences, transporting players to majestic fantasy worlds they just want to get lost in. If you are a fan of these types of videogames then you may want to keep an eye on Steam Early Access next month, as indie developer The Pixel Mine will be releasing its debut title, The Morrigan.

The Morrigan

Sounding like some ancient beastie – the Celtic Queen of the dead as it happens – The Morrigan looks to be more of a playful action-adventure instead of some gruesome journey into the bowls of hell. The role-playing game (RPG) is all about raiding the dungeon of the Morrigan, defeating her legions of the dead using trusty weapons like the sword and shield for when they get too close and a bow for those distance kills. Continue reading

Cyan’s Upcoming Surreal Adventure ZED Receives new Trailer Ahead of Spring Release

Currently being developed by Eagre Games and Skymap Games is a new surreal adventure experience called ZED, which is being published by Oblivion creator Cyan Ventures. Supporting both standard PC monitors and virtual reality (VR) headsets,  ZED is due for release this Spring. With the launch not far away Cyan has just released an official trailer for the title.


Very much a twisted puzzle adventure, the trailer gives a good demonstration of the weirdness that the development teams have been creating. A synopsis explains that: “ZED is the story of an artist suffering from dementia — desperately trying to reconnect fragmented memories. The player explores the dreams of the artist’s crumbling mind in hopes of helping him assemble enough meaningful images to leave behind a loving memento and final legacy for his granddaughter.” Continue reading

MWM Immersive Brings Live VR Theatre Experience Chained: A Victorian Nightmare to New York

Just before Christmas last year VRFocus reported on MWM Immersive (VR and AR division of Madison Wells Media) creating a spine-tingling version of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol as a live theatrical virtual reality (VR) experience called Chained: A Victorian Nightmare in Los Angeles. Today, the studio has announced a partnership with real-time body animation specialist IKINEMA, alongside bringing the piece to New York City.

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare is the work of Justin Denton in collaboration with Aaron Sims Creative, and Here Be Dragons, using IKINEMA’s LiveAction technology to bring the story’s ghostly characters to life. Continue reading

Get Building With VR Puzzler Gadgeteer’s Free Beta Demo

Ever love building domino sets or watching that Honda commercial where one contraption would activate by hitting another? Well if you do then Metanaut has the virtual reality (VR) videogame for you, Gadgeteer. Originally called Ruberg back in 2016, the title was rebranded last year and today you can get your first hands-on test with a free beta demo. 


Gadgeteer is a physics-based puzzle experience that challenges you to build all sorts of weird and wonderful chain reaction machines. Featuring two game modes: sandbox and puzzle, the latter includes 60 puzzles to solve with a story revolving around the disappearance of a brilliant mad scientist. While both modes feature over 50 unique gadgets to build those crazy machines, and three toolheads to create, edit and destroy creations. Continue reading

Ricoh Launches Flagship 360 Camera, the Theta Z1

For those after a top-spec 360-degree camera that courts the line prosumer line, then Ricoh has just announced its latest model, the flagship Theta Z1 for $1000 USD.

The new Ricoh Theta Z1 boasts two 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensors that can support about 20M effective pixels. Featuring an updated image processing algorithm this enables the camera to capture stills at up to 23MP (6720 x 3360) and recording of 4K (3840 x 1920) video at 30 fps.

To help customers capture the best images no matter the situation the Ricoh Theta Z1 supports a range of shooting modes, such as aperture-, shutter-, and ISO-priority modes, as well as full manual operation via a smartphone app. The multi-level aperture now provides the choice of f/2.1, f/3.5, and f/5.6 for various lighting conditions, there’s a 3-axis rotational stabilization to compensate for rotational shake, and to make the video sound awesome a four-channel microphone array for 360-degree spatial audio recording is fitted. Continue reading