Oculus Lifts the Lid on its Tracking Tech Oculus Insight

Oculus Quest might look like a nice compact virtual reality (VR) headset (in comparison to other VR devices) but it packs a lot under that hood. One of its core pieces of technology – which is also used by Oculus Rift S – is Oculus Insight, the inside-out tracking technology that helps keeps players safe without the need for cumbersome external sensor solutions. Today, the company has revealed the story behind Oculus Insight and how it gives players a full six-degrees-of-freedom.

Oculus Insight

Inside-out tracking was once considered the holy grail of VR freedom so that users weren’t confined to one play space, able to use a VR device pretty much wherever they were, their movements fully replicated in the virtual space whilst avoiding hazards in the real world. Continue reading

End Space Flies Onto Oculus Quest and Google Daydream in August

When it comes to epic sci-fi adventures in space last week’s launch of No Man’s Sky: Beyond with its virtual reality (VR) will likely keep gamers engrossed for some time to come. For those not interested in Hello Games’ title – or more accurately those on Oculus Quest or Google Daydream – then indie studio Orange Bridge Studios will be releasing End Space for both headsets at the end of the month.


The launch will actually be for End Space version 1.0.5 across all of its currently supported platforms, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality and PlayStation VR. Continue reading

Golem Will be Released for PlayStation VR Fall 2019, in Digital and Physical Form

If there’s one videogame that’s synonymous with delay’s then it has to be Highwire Games’ Golem for PlayStation VR. Initially announced back in 2015, the title has seen various launch windows come and go over the past few years so when it reappears with a new date there’s definitely some trepidation. However, this week is very different, with Perp Games revealing that Golem will be heading for a digital and physical release Fall 2019.


The announcement by Perp Games certainly adds clout to the news as the company has a solid track record of physical videogame launches for PlayStation VR. This now makes Golem one of the most eagerly anticipated videogames of 2019 for the headset. Continue reading

Stormland Developer Insomniac Games Joins PlayStation Worldwide Studios

Insomniac Games has been a long-time supporter of virtual reality (VR), having created the likes of Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rights and The Unspoken with Stormland still in development. All of these have been exclusive to Oculus Rift but that relationship could well be at an end, it has just been announced that Insomniac Games has joined PlayStation Worldwide Studios.

We’re proud to announce we’re joining the @playstation WWS family! https://t.co/tKdZ69AVPF

— Insomniac Games (@insomniacgames) August 19, 2019 Continue reading

Pirate Combat Title Battlewake Sets Sail in September

Several months ago virtual reality (VR) developer Survios announced work on a seafaring experience with combat at its core, that videogame was Battlewake. Having showcased the title during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June, the team then held a closed beta last month. Ahead of Gamescom tomorrow, Survios has revealed that Battlewake will arrive for multiple platforms in a few weeks time. 


Battlewake is an all-out combat experience featuring both single-player and multiplayer mode. You can choose from one of four Sea Lords (Diego, Rev, Calavera, or Zhang), each have their own unique ship and magical abilities taken from Pirate Legend such as powerful tsunamis or even the dreaded Kraken. Continue reading

Witching Tower VR Coming to PlayStation VR This Autumn

Back in March Daily Magic Productions announced that it was putting all its efforts into porting Witching Tower VR to PlayStation VR having released the last major PC update for the title. This week the studio has now confirmed Witching Tower VR will be arriving for the headset this Autumn.

The Witching Tower - Screenshot

That’s still quite vague as it is still summer, so that could be any time within the next three months but at least it narrows down the launch window. “PlayStation version of Witching Tower VR is in its final stages of development, and we are looking forward to showing it to the public,” notes Artem Severin Head of Marketing, Daily Magic Productions on PlayStation Blog. Continue reading