Who The Hell Is Monrroe?

In life we have a lot to thank our parents for, but none more so than Elijah Symons, whose mum is an influential factor behind his current drum and bass journey as Monrroe.

Growing up in the remote village of Stanway in the West Country, not only does he sound like one of the locals off of Hot Fuzz, but years spent on site as a traveller led to him being surrounded in the blissful sounds of 90s jungle and acid house by his mum, who Elijah considers to be a certified junglist – regularly attending shows, listening to his music and encouraging him to play some of the more gully ends of the spectrum. Continue reading

Matt Monday Paints with Strokes of Soul on Poignant New Single “Sunset Unlmtd” [Premiere]

Shug Avery’s nephew. ? @johngaulden

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“This is what the Charleston Sunsets sound like in music form.”

Matt Monday burned through the summer with a string of glossy trap-touched anthems. With winter now in sight, the Charleston export is keeping his lane hot en route to his new album Candy Paint Playgrounds, the follow-up to 2016’s debut, Filthy.

Today he shares a new offering from the upcoming project with the premiere of his soulful new romp, “Sunset Unlmtd.” Departing from its icy, steel-toed predecessor, “Get Inside,” his latest single commences with a heavy hook echoing over cavernous subs. Monday breaks through the spacious chorus and the flutter of a horn with bootstrap laments, waxing nostalgically triumphant over student loans and ducking streetlife. Continue reading

In Hip-Hop and Beyond: Minnie Riperton [Playlist]

In Hip-Hop and Beyond: Minnie Riperton [Playlist]

The beloved singer would have been 70-years-old today

Gone too soon, but impossible to forget, Minnie Riperton‘s music may be singlehandedly responsible for the conception of an entire generation of humans.

First as a backup singer with the Chess Records hit-factory (listen close to Fontella Bass anthemic “Rescue Me” and you’ll hear Riperton’s falsetto cutting through,) then as the leading lady in Rotary Connection, and eventually, as a legendary standalone voice, recording six cherished studio albums with legendary players (Stevie Wonder, Dorothy Ashby, Joe Sample, Maurice White, Ramsey Lewis, James Gadson, Patrice Rushen, Tom Scott, Greg Philinganes — literally the gamut of soul, r&b, funk and jazz elite) before her passing at the age of 31, losing a long bout with breast cancer. Continue reading