Why 2017 has been a vintage year for Truth

What a time to be a Truth fan. They’ve released one of their most diverse albums to date (Wilderness Of Mirrors), their label Deep Dark & Dangerous has been on absolute overload this year with no less than 20 releases (and counting) from a healthy range of newcomers and trusted sources alike and they’re just about to drop a new project of stone cold freshness with Youngsta: Shadow People.

What a time to be in Truth, too… On top of their prolific and on-point output, Dre and Tristan have recently won Best Electronic Artists in the New Zealand Music Awards, they’re currently in the midst of celebrating 10 years since they started the Truth project and remain one of the elite force of acts who have the ears of every label across the vast dubstep spectrum from Disciple to Deep Medi. Continue reading

Premier: FRSHRZ + Mas Law hit up Hip Hop Kemp for ‘EA Sports’ video

We’re proud to premier the new video from the London based trio of  @DrayStyles @Artcha and @SKANDOUZ who have gone international! The three of them headed out to Hip Hop Kemp festival in Czech Republic to shoot the video with Mas Law, who is producer of the track and drops some guest vocals too.

EA Sports focuses on the ideas of of motivation, hard work and passion, all of which are essential ingredients for success in the music game!You can find EA Sports on their latest ‘FRSHRZ EP’ which also features Rodney P, Si Phili and Logic! Continue reading

UKF Annuals Out Today!

It’s that time of year again: we’ve looked back over 2017 and handpicked our favourite musical moments in drum & bass and dubstep and put them together into two massive albums.

Both loaded with exclusives and dynamically selected and mixed to represent the widest possible view of both genres, both albums tell a very specific tale.

UKF Dubstep 2017: Bringing back that classic melting pot bounce; there’s a particularly classic feel to this one. The genre has gone back to its roots to galvanise a new range of sounds, ideas, influences and styles, a refreshed energy and a new generation of young innovative talents all finding their own signature and sound… Something that’s sound that’s tangible with every single one of the 22 tracks on the album from Killsonik’s first original production in four years via exclusives from the likes of Axel Boy, Mark The Beast, Siskiyou and the mighty Gentlemens Club. Continue reading