Kevin Hart Opens Up About Stepping Down From The Oscars With Ellen

Kevin Hart famously stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars after old Tweets were rediscovered where he used homophobic terms. Hart, like most comedians, has used disparaging terms for many different races, genders, cultures, and sexualities within his jokes. Political correctness threatens the art form of comedy, and Hart was just the most recent example of how trolls will use old social media posts to tear down celebrities. Hart recently sat down with Ellen Degeneres, and spoke in depth about the entire scandal.  Continue reading

Nick Cannon Calls Out Kevin Hart’s Workout Routine & Gets Destroyed In Response

Kevin Hart may be known for his hilarious jokes and insane work ethic, but his workout grind may be the most inspiring facet of his brand. It’s rare to find a comedian with his own shoe (Hart is most likely the first), which proves just how dedicated Hart is to keeping in shape. If you scroll down his social media pages, videos and pictures from Hart’s workout routine are scattered between posts showcasing his luxurious life. Nick Cannon, who is also on the workout grind, decided to take shots at Hart online pertaining to his gym mentality. Hart wasn’t having it. Continue reading

Bhad Bhabie Drops $40K On New Shiny White Teeth

While most rappers may want to drop big bucks on grillz that mask their teeth in diamonds, gold, and other jewels, Bhad Bhabie just wants a more beautiful smile. The “Gucci Flip Flops” rapper is putting her money where her mouth is. Literally. The young rapper spent 2017 blessing the world with new music, touring, and building her fan base. Although she still has a long way to go, Bhabie deserves to bask in her success and wealth. According to TMZ, Bhabie was unsatisfied with her teeth. Crowding on the bottom row was unattractive to the rapper, so she decided to drop $40,000 on a shiny new set of teeth. If she was unsure about her smile before, there’s nothing holding her back now. Continue reading

Yung Joc Challenges Usher To “Hair & Fleek” Hairstyle Competition

Yung Joc is calling Usher out, and challenging the King of R&B to a hairstyle competition. On New Year’s Eve, Usher stepped out with a classic hairstyle that I’m only now learning is called the “Hair & Fleek” style.The comb-over look is reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s, when Black men straightened their hair to achieve the Elvis look. The style has evolved since then to include an updated fade, but Yung Joc was ridiculed endlessly when he tried to rock the hairstyle years ago. When Usher stepped out with the look, he received a much better response. Joc spoke with TMZ about the style, and in the process, he challenged Usher to a king of the “Hair & Fleek” hairstyle. Continue reading

“The Prodigy” Drops Terrifying Possession Trailer

Horror films are widely regarded as hit or miss. There are few, if any, middle ground horror flicks. Either fans are scared stiff or they’re disappointed after leaving the theater. The Prodigy looks like it will be the former. A new trailer for the film touched down on Thursday and made waves online. The movie follows Robert Scott (who played Georgie in IT), a child who begins walking down a dark path. His mother Sarah (Taylor Schilling) is in denial as she tries to defend her son, but the trailer hints that she’s in for a rude awakening.  Continue reading